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I’m trying not to post too often, for fear of irritating those who signed up to this blog. But every hour has been remarkable, so it’s hard not to. Last night I visited the historic American Colonial Hotel in East … Continue reading

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Nothing could have prepared me for arriving in Jerusalem today. I had always considered this part of my trip simply a stepping stone to Ramallah. But, even as an atheist, my childhood was filled with images of this holy city. … Continue reading

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Why stay in Israel?

I made it to Jaffa last night. I made it through half an hour of questioning by a female security supervisor at the airport. I’m proud that I stayed calm enough to answer the questions, but annoyed that I was … Continue reading

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Twelve hours to go

 Al Jazeera and The Guardian today reported that the Palestinian Authority have been willing to concede far more to the Israelis than was known. From 2007, among other concessions, they offered Palestinian land in East Jerusalem to Israel, agreed to … Continue reading

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Unprecedented first hand accounts by israeli soldiers

Very sad and frightening.

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Why boycott?

There are clear differences between the oppressions of Israel and apartheid South Africa, but also clear similarities. The 1980’s boycott movement played a significant role in the fall of apartheid. Given that Israel is continuing to build illegal settlements, is … Continue reading

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One week to go

I’m back in London, my friends are in town and I think I’m ready. It’s been almost a month of full-time preparation now; sorting out this website, booking my flights, my insurance, the hotels in Israel that I won’t actually … Continue reading

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Who cares?

Everyone wants to talk to me about Palestine at the moment. It’s great. I’m actually going and now people are actually interested. The awareness raising is working already! That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t already posed some significant questions around … Continue reading

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