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Photos from Hebron

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Soldiers fire indiscriminately at Demonstrators in Hebron on Friday

Friday’s Open Shuhada Street demonstration is described perfectly here. Please watch the short film. Those who know me may even catch a glimpse. Some information I received from a coaltion in Hebron about Shuhada Street: Shuhada Street is considered one of … Continue reading

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I exercise my rights as farmers lose the right to their land

On Thursday we received a call from the mayor as some local land was being destroyed by the military. Within ten minutes we were out of the house and in a taxi to the farmland. As we arrived close to … Continue reading

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One story from Azzun

Today some of us met Ahmed, one of the leaders in the village of Azzun. We drank sweet meramieh tea on Ahmed’s rooftop from where you can see the village and one of the three surrounding illegal settlements. He is … Continue reading

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A challenge for the long haired ladies

By the time I left the UK in January, Moroccan Hair Oil had found its place on the shelves of fancy salons and in the bathrooms of half of my friends. It’s an amazing natural product which makes your hair … Continue reading

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Why is the army attacking international observers?

It is difficult to write about my experience at Friday’s Nabi Saleh demonstration. I have waited 48 hours in order to write without emotion, as I worry that the account will not sound believable. We know that this peaceful demonstration … Continue reading

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The Palestine story in less than 15 minutes

By The Palestinian Initiative. People have been requesting an overview so I’ll start with this one and signpost to others over the coming weeks. Please comment here if you have suggestions. Will be writing up Friday’s demonstration at Nabi Saleh … Continue reading

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Population transfer?

We spent yesterday in some villages around Salfit with members of the Palestinian Initiative. We are developing relationships so that people know to call us when attacked – our presence can de-escalate violence and we are able to monitor and … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day in Nablus

I spent Valentine’s Day eating my way around Nablus. I love Nablus. It is such a beautiful city resting in a valley between the mountains. It has seen rough action in response to its resistance of the occupation.   At … Continue reading

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Nabi Saleh

  Nabi Saleh is a village of less than 500 people and has lost over 50% of its land to illegal Israeli settlements. We travelled there Thursday evening to spend the night in the village.   It was a surreal experience … Continue reading

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