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Seven piles of rubble

Last night we drove to Lod, another Israeli city where Jews and Arabs apparently co-exist. Except that the municipality doesn’t invest in the Palestinian areas and doesn’t recognise the local villages. The subsequent poverty within this one part of the … Continue reading

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The suggestion that Israelis and Palestinians are equally responsible

I don’t normally use this blog to re-post articles, but this one really resonates. The situation on the ground is so clear that it breaks my heart when I still hear it suggested that the Palestinians are equally responsible for the current state of … Continue reading

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Israeli police support illegal settlement expansion

On Saturday I travelled to the South Hebron Hills with an Israeli solidarity group. They travel by minibus every Saturday to support Palestinian shepherds to work their fields without attack by settlers or interruption from military. We went through checkpoints … Continue reading

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Understanding the City of David

I am missing the warmth, honesty and joy of the West Bank. Jerusalem is a tense and uncomfortable place for me. But I think it’s important to understand a different context and the work I can do here may be … Continue reading

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Part two

A few days ago I made it back into Israel from Jordan. My friend from IWPS had been refused entry just days earlier when trying to return from a week out. She was interrogated at the airport, put in a … Continue reading

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Goodwill in the Galilee

I recently spent a couple of days in The Galilee with some families from a small Israeli community. I had been put in touch with them as one works on joint Israeli-Palestinian projects with a friend of mine from the … Continue reading

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Being watched

We know that Palestine is full of Israeli check points, watch towers, army trucks and night raids. We sympathise as these tools are synonymous with human rights abuses. But unless you have lived with these things, lived under occupation, I don’t … Continue reading

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