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“Together we shall succeed”

I spent six weeks in Jerusalem this spring volunteering with The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. Here is interesting analysis from Jeff Halper, Director of ICAHD, regarding what  Mahmoud Abbas may, or may not achieve in Palestine this September.

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Ma’asalama Falesteen

As the service meandered toward the Bethlehem hills, I melted into my favourite music, desperately absorbing the streets through the window. Madrid and Barcelona flags flying from the same coffee shops; crinkly, enticing faces selling shai from huge pots; bakeries … Continue reading

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Victims in Hebron

Hebron is a sad place to be. Our focus at ISM is to prevent and witness the daily abuses suffered by the occupied Palestinians. But the Palestinians are not the only ones to suffer here. Whilst I do not condone … Continue reading

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A voice from the sea in Gaza

A short report from an international in Gaza this week.

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Learning about hospitality

I have referenced Palestinian hospitality a few times in this blog. But the truth is that, like many things here, I have played it down as I worry that it sounds unbelievable. Most family visits result in being fed an … Continue reading

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Film from NAKSA at Qalandia

One of many youtube films from Sunday at Qalandia.

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Back at Qalandia for NAKSA

We hitched from Nablus yesterday morning to Qalandia checkpoint which separates Ramallah from East Jerusalem, the internationally recognised capital of a future Palestinian state. Palestinians from Ramallah and the surrounding villages planned to march to the wall here to demand … Continue reading

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