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Counting the Bones at Mullaitivu

The final battle of the civil war took place on the North Eastern beach of Mullaittivu. The Sri Lankan army and LTTE moved in this direction over the first few months of 2009, following the fall of Killinochi. With them … Continue reading

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The land between Jaffna and Mannar is beautiful and lush this time of year, after the rains. There is a checkpoint on the road to Vavuniya which requires foreign passport holders to get off of the bus and have their … Continue reading

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The Rape of Tamil Detainees

Today Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a powerful report titled ‘We Will Teach You A Lesson: Sexual Violence Against Tamils by Sri Lankan Security Forces‘. The report finds that while widespread rape in custody occurred during the armed conflict that … Continue reading

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With just a small, bustling centre, the historic city of Jaffna feels hot, hazy and holy with stunning Hindu temples and calm waterways. Men, women and children are on bicycles due to wide, flat roads and as a legacy from … Continue reading

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The face of President Mahinda Rajapaksa is ever present in Colombo, as in the rest of Sri Lanka – staring down from posters on what feels like every dusty street corner; a reminder that his government and military are in … Continue reading

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Words, ideas & images 29 September – 2 October

This weekend Tottenham is hosting a Palestine Literature festival featuring writers, film makers, rappers, photographers and story tellers. Participants include Brian Keenan, Peter Kosminsky (Director of The Promise), Tim Llewellyn and Anna Perera. It looks excellent and it is free. You can view a … Continue reading

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“Together we shall succeed”

I spent six weeks in Jerusalem this spring volunteering with The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. Here is interesting analysis from Jeff Halper, Director of ICAHD, regarding what  Mahmoud Abbas may, or may not achieve in Palestine this September.

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Ma’asalama Falesteen

As the service meandered toward the Bethlehem hills, I melted into my favourite music, desperately absorbing the streets through the window. Madrid and Barcelona flags flying from the same coffee shops; crinkly, enticing faces selling shai from huge pots; bakeries … Continue reading

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Victims in Hebron

Hebron is a sad place to be. Our focus at ISM is to prevent and witness the daily abuses suffered by the occupied Palestinians. But the Palestinians are not the only ones to suffer here. Whilst I do not condone … Continue reading

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A voice from the sea in Gaza

A short report from an international in Gaza this week.

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