Ma’asalama Falesteen

As the service meandered toward the Bethlehem hills, I melted into my favourite music, desperately absorbing the streets through the window. Madrid and Barcelona flags flying from the same coffee shops; crinkly, enticing faces selling shai from huge pots; bakeries piled high with pitta, school kids embraced and waving from playgrounds; purple blossom on the trees; fluffy, red hearts hanging in cars, in shop windows, in houses – why it’s Valentine’s day every day in Palestine! Cats rummage in rubbish bins; old men smoke pipes on benches; baklava tempts from hot plates. I love it I love it.

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  1. Mary says:

    Awwwwwww, Felasteen. Reading this almost made me cry… because the feeling of leaving still weighs heavy… But I will return. And I hope you will too?

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