Victims in Hebron

Hebron is a sad place to be. Our focus at ISM is to prevent and witness the daily abuses suffered by the occupied Palestinians. But the Palestinians are not the only ones to suffer here.

Whilst I do not condone the presence of the illegal and often violent settlers in this city, I do not envy their isolated existence either. Their children are taught to hate and fear their Arab neighbours. Not a happy way to be.

The young Israeli soldiers loathe our presence. Mostly all we are doing is sitting and watching them. It is not pleasant having orders to humiliate and terrify the Palestinians, who are clearly not the terrorists they learnt of in military training. It must be unbearable to have these actions witnessed and filmed by internationals.

In Israeli military controlled H2 there is no Palestinian police presence which means the area also attracts Palestine’s criminals. It is the only place where I have been hassled by the shabab.

The last couple of years have been a little calmer in H2, but before this period it was not uncommon for international peace workers to be violently attacked by Israeli settlers as soldiers watched on.

Many like to dismiss the settlers in Hebron as fanatics. However, as all Israeli settlement activity, the presence and behaviour of these ‘fanatics’ is government planned and supported. The Alternative Information Centre describes Israel’s policy on Hebron here.

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9 Responses to Victims in Hebron

  1. Peter Parker says:

    Their focus at ISM is the manipulation of foreign, naive “liberals (AKA Useful idiots) and to hide terrorists and their weapons.

    So romantic – defending the poor Palestinians who are without blemish.
    With their loving hearts and generosity versus the meany mean mean Israelis.
    Too funny.

    • Sadoranges says:

      You’re welcome to your opinion re my blog – I am sharing my personal experiences. The Israeli military is very mean, yes. But I’m interested, where in the West Bank are these Palestinian terrorists and weapons?

  2. Peter Parker says:

    After the terrible murder of a family in the ideological settlement of Itamar, we knew that the settlers would demand violent collective punishment for the Palestinians. It is not believed here that a Palestinian committed this crime – it doesn’t make sense for so many reasons.


    Of course it doesn’t make sense to you – because you don’t understand these people – that you hold up in such poetic esteem.

    That is why u r a perfect useful idiot for these people – just like Rachel Corrie.

    It has happened a thousand times- kind of like a Stockholm Syndrome – where you create these fantasies to make them so noble. Western lefties who mean well – but are duped by their own refusal to look at the facts.

    Even when a family gets butchered – you immediately get defensive for all the “innocents”- collective punishment will occur. You have zero sense of objectivity.

    You know their noble leader – the “moderate” Abbas – was an architect of the Munich Massacre. You have to go to Youtube and see what these noble people teach their children in schools and in cartoons. They learn to desire martyrdom and that Jews are apes and pigs. Oh of course – their victimization caused this behavior – Israel’s fault right?

    Where are the weapons in the West Bank – are u kidding?

    Even Abbas knows it – but u can´t read the news?

    Your “peaceful” ISM is a terror group masquerading as a peace movement.
    They shelter terrorists and hide their weapons.

    How do u think the actor got killed recently – they killed him with pillows?

    Oh, I forgot – Westerners all lie – like the UK paper about the Naksah situation on the Syrian border. You forgot to correct yourself on that entry.

    Are u this blinded that u cannot see the truth about anything? Are the Palestinians always noble victims and the Israelis always wrong?

    Ask yourself – why was the security wall built? And has it served its purpose by reducing terror attacks from the West Bank to almost nil?

    And when there is anything the Palestinians do wrong – u can always justify it by using their victimhood.

    The Palis are the world’s longest running refugee show. The good people among them deserve a life. But do your research about how they been used and abused by their Arab brethren in EVERY Arab country. Research how they have blown every opportunity at peace.

    Right of Return for the Palestinians will NEVER happen – so stop waiting for it. Jerusalem may not happen – stop stop waiting for that. Start living – start giving your children a life.

    Israel is producing Nobel Prizes, breakthroughs in medicine, agriculture, technology – all the while having to conscript their young for 3 years during their youth. 60+ years of her neighbors attempting to destroy her (as well as 20% of her population which has dubious loyalty) – but she built a nation which contributes to the world.

    The Palestinians have wallowed in their self pity, in their hate and produced nothing but suicide bombers. Arafat did nothing but prevent a Palestinian nation and rob his own people blind. Abbas talk out of 2 sides of his mouth. Hamas is nothing but a gang of murderous thugs – and they display it in their charter.

    Please stop romanticizing the situation. Read the news objectively.
    I dare you to face the truth and stop romanticizing the supposed victim.

  3. Sadoranges says:

    No I wasn’t kidding. And if you don’t know where they are, then can you even tell me when they are used?

    I reccommend you visit the West Bank, even if only for a week. You will learn a lot.

  4. Peter Parker says:

    Like talking to a wall.

    Stop romanticizing the orange groves and pita bread. You are on an idealistic vacation from the West. Start a lesbian relationship in the West Bank – see how your wonderful neighbors treat you then.

    Useful idiots like yourself only hurt the Palestinians in the long run by ignoring realities and continuing the narrative of victimhood supported by lies.

    Dare yourself to Google what I recommended and click the links I provided.

    Watch the videos of what Abbas says to the Arab street.

    Read the Hamas charter.

    Learn the history of this conflict – not just the narrative supplied by the Islamic liars and ISM sleazeballs.

    Watch videos of Imams hateful speeches.

    Acknowledge that Arafat on down support murdering babies and that Hamas uses their own people as human shields.

    Stop deluding yourself and be intellectually honest.

    Of course these people deserve to live in peace and dignity. But they will not get it until they accept reality and treat Israel with the same respect which they demand.

    PS – shouldn’t you also be going to Syria, Libya, etc to protect those people being slaughtered by their own leaders? Have you been active protesting all the Arab dictatorships over the past 40 years. You have lots of choices – until recently every single Arab country was a dictatorship.

    Read up on the treatment of Palestinians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan – wow there u will find some lovely stories.

    The mufti of Lebanon just called the Palestinians “trash”.

    Try and be honest to yourself and not be swayed emotionally by the no doubt difficult lives of those in the West Bank.

    Then get back to me.

  5. TK says:

    To Peter Parker… Respect should never be demanded. It should be earned. A lesson Israel would do well to learn.

  6. Peter Parker says:

    Israel must earn respect how?

    By defending her survival after being attacked 3 times in wars meant for her annihilation in 1948, 1967 and 1973.

    By developing a strong contributing nation despite always being in a war economy?

    By winning more Nobel Prizes than all the Muslim nations combined?

    The Arabs started every war, they lost every war and then they whine they want their laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand back.

  7. Peter Parker says:

    Ahh, no you must mean the respect that Islam has earned by stating in the Koran to kill all Jews.

    Or the respect that Hamas deserves for their honesty in declaring in their charter their intention to destroy Israel.

    Or maybe the respect The West Bankers deserve for teaching their children that Jews are pigs and monkeys and omitting Israel on their maps.

    Or maybe the corrupt politicians that have stolen billions in foreign aid.

    Or maybe the nice young fellas who butchered the Fogel family and were proud of it.

    You mean that respect?

    Ridiculous leftys – always glamorizing the so called victims without ever assigning them blame for anything.

    Go live there with these people from the middle ages.

    Bring your ideals, your gay son, your daughter who may want to abandon Islam, your hope for an advanced civilization – see what happens to you.

    Sad oranges indeed.

  8. TK says:

    Gosh, so much anger. I was really just referring to specific incidents of violence and force used by the Israeli Army during peaceful protests, written about within this and many other similar blogs. I think it is sad that we have come to a place where we shut people up in this way. You are correct… this goes for so many situations around the world and not just here.

    No, I don’t plan to move to Israel or Palestine to see what happens. I am not brave enough which I will openly admit. I do hope that things improve for everyone in that region. Idealistic, I may be.

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